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Swimming pool

Do you love water? Is it your favourite way to spend free time? If the answer is yes, then come along! Our complex consists of a 25m professional sports pool and a 20m swimming pool with attractions such as water jets, counter current, cascades, streams, umbrellas with water fountains as well as round paddling pool with a slide for kids.
Świat Saun
Akademia nurkowania
Wanny z hyrdomasażem

We are building a new bowling alley

Opening of the new bowling alley in the fourth quarter of 2022
All the Guests of the Senator Hotel have this unique opportunity to have fun in the professional, top-quality bowling alley with 6 alleys. Entertainment and sport enriched with good music - hat's how you rock! Our bar serves cold and hot beverages as well formidable alcohols. The staff at the bowling alley will be happy to answer all of your possible questions as to this fascinating sport! Two tracks have been destined for children, the ball will no longer get to the gutter.


Dźwirzyno lies not more than 13 km away from Kołobrzeg, between the Bałtyk Sea and the Resko Przymorskie Lake. It is famous for one of the most beautiful beaches on the Coast and one of the cleanest bathing spots in Poland.


The tower of the local port authority building was used for the first time in 1666 to emit a light signal to ensure safety at sea. From then on the light was occasionally lit when the sea vessels were approaching the port. Today's lighthouse was built after 1945. It is one of the most-visited lighthouses in Poland and has become an instantly recognizable landmark synonymous with Kołobrzeg. The Lighthouse is located just 17 minutes drive / 12 km from Hotel SENATOR ****. Kołobrzeg ul. Morska 1, tel. 94 352 52 53l


Muzeum Oręża Polskiego w Kołobrzegu. Przebogate zbiory obejmujące zakresem początki państwa Polskiego do czasów "Zimenej Wojny". Muzeum posiada 4 oddziały na terenie Gminy Kołobrzeg: Muzeum Miasta Kołobrzeg, Muzeum Oręża Polskiego, Kołobrzeski Skansen Morski, Muzeum Zimnej wojny Podborsko 3001. Muzeum Oręża Polskiego w Kołobrzegu znajduje się 14 minut / 11 km od Hotelu SENATOR****, Kołobrzeg,
tel. 94 352 52 53.


The Pier is an integral part of Kołobrzeg. It is a perfect place to snap a photo for a Facebook post or take a romantic stroll along the pier above the waves. Recently refurbished and spectacularly illuminated, the pier is 220 meters long, 4.5 meters high and 9 meters wide. The Pier is located 15 minutes drive / 11 km from the Hotel SENATOR****. Kołobrzeg, Jan Szymański Boulevard.


The Cathedral Basilica was built in the fourteenth century. It was repeatedly destroyed by military operations during wars and then rebuilt. The Basilica houses a priceless collection of artefacts and art. Visitors are allowed to visit the observation platform that provides a mesmerizing view of Kolobrzeg. The Cathedral Basilica is located 15 minutes drive / 11 km from HOTEL SENATOR ****. Kołobrzeg, ul. Mariacka 5.


The benefits of the local brine springs have been known since the 7th century. In addition to trade and fishing, salt collected from the evaporation of brine was the main source of wealth in medieval Kołobrzeg. The salter pliers, a tool used during the process of extracting salt from brine is depicted on the town’s coat of arms. Brine from local springs has a salt concentration of 6% and is very rich in microelements and iron. The natural brine spring which is open to the public is located 12 minutes / 10 km from Hotel SENATOR ****. Kołobrzeg, ul. Solna.


The neo-gothic town hall building features a stone pillar with the carving of the face of Jacob Alder, the town mayor who was executed near that pillar in 1524. The Town Hall is located 15 minutes / 12 km from Hotel SENATOR ****. Kołobrzeg, ul. Armii Krajowej 12.


Hortulus Gardens in Dobrzyca represent more than 25 years of labour and love for nature. The gardens span across 8 hectares showcasing about 30 thematic gardens. Hortulus Gardens were awarded the Best West Pomerania Tourist Product in 2018. The gardens include: Hortulus theme garden complex and Hortulus spectabilis gardens featuring the largest hornbeam maze on the Baltic coast. Hortulus Gardens are located 35 minutes / 36 km from Hotel SENATOR **** towards Koszalin. Dobrzyca, tel. 94 318 13 18


A 1 km long naturist beach is located between Dźwirzyno and Grzybowo. The beach is officially sanctioned for the practice of naturism and has been used for nude sunbathing for more than 20 years. The naturist beach is located 1 km from Hotel SENATOR **** towards Grzybowo.


Pomerania Fun Park is the largest amusement park in West Pomerania. The complex includes seasonal outdoor attractions and a huge indoor all year round playground not affected by the weather. Attractions include: water world, inflatable slides and bouncing castles, chair swing carousels, autodrome, toddler playground and Viking village. Pomerania FUN PARK is located 23 minutes / 24 km from Hotel SENATOR ****, towards Białogard tel. 880 158 743.


and kitesurfing
The Windsurfing and Kitesurfing School: If you are a fan of the water sports, you just have to try the Resko Przymorskie Lake connected through the Resko Channel with the Baltic Sea. There is a harbour with a haven for yachts and windsurfers. The Windsurfing and Kitesurfing School with the equipment rent is located at the Resko Lake.

golf course

in rusowo
GOLF DRIVING RANGE - a place where you can learn how to play golf and master your skills later on. Your age, your sex or your fitness do not matter here. Our 9-hole golf course is waiting for you!
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